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Unique Spiral Wood Chips Staircase by Bonansea

The new characterization of modern interior has not only changed the style, but also the taste of people. Where traditionally designed furniture is now put to rest, new Hollywood style furnishings are coming into picture. Not just the room interior, but every minute aspect has been impinged on, especially those old fashioned staircases that were just a way to link up different floors.

Now your every step would be tasteful, modish and classy. Surprised!!! Well, if you are a trendy homeowner and love to embellish your interior d├ęcor as per the new trends, then try out unique spiral staircase by Bonansea. This spiral staircase with steel frames is a beautiful contemporary design that winds upwards and links up your space wonderfully. The entire design features triangle shaped steps with wooden chips and shavings, which actually add a modern touch to your home interior with its clear glass view.

The slim handrail supports every step, frames the path and makes it comfortable while ascending and descending. If you have an open concept space or you are short of space to have a slanting staircase, then this new and unique design can marvelously solve both the purposes. The eclectic, ultra modern, aesthetic and artistic appearance of the stairway will certainly make your guests feel jealous of your exclusive choice. If you are willing to make a good investment for your home, then this option can be a great interior decorating idea.

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