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Modern & Sleek Bathroom Basin Cup By Artceram

Gone are the days, when bathrooms were just used as a bathing space. These days, they are much more than modern interior statements and many people love to have bathrooms that actually speak for themselves. With the increasing fashion trends and demands, manufacturers and designers are coming up with unusual designs for bathroom accessories. If you are also amongst those homeowners who love to add a perky touch to their bath space, then you must check out bathroom basin cup by Artceram.

This unusually designed wash basin is one of its own kinds and is sure to draw people’s interest in the first sight. It actually does not seem like a basin, but more like a coffee cup that welcomes you every morning. Before heading right to the kitchen, you will love to start your day with this unique masterpiece, which creates a charm inside. The ceramic white piece with a wooden base attached at the end adds to its beauty and make it look like a true work of art.

If you are inviting guests at home, make sure you prepare yourself to see big grins on their face, as they enter your bathroom. And if some of your friends have a good sense of humour, they will be willing to ask you a lot of questions. Best part is that it can easily fit into bathrooms of different dimensions, so you need not to worry.

Website : Artceram