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Love Bathroom Design Ideas by Novello

The bathroom unlike any other room of your house does not comprises big storage solution as its main concentration is on the ceramics and brassware items for various purposes and creating a contemporary and minimalist look to be admired. These days, there are numerous products that are available for bathroom use ranging from shampoo and conditioners to other limited edition bath products, but leaving them dispersed after use on your surfaces will significantly add a cluttered look to your bathroom decor and negate charm of your luxury bathroom.

Therefore, to make your bathroom an obvious storage solution bathroom design ideas from Novello is a perfect solution. Their design has come up with innovative introductions which are neither cumbersome and fussy nor expensive. Though there are many different manufacturers in the market that offer modern storage solutions ranging from freestanding units to bespoke furniture sets, but have hideous prices behind them.

Novello offers four different types of storage solutions for bathroom remodeling that you can choose from like units storage, complete sets for encasement, cabinets and peripheral accessories. Units are simply used to craft a cupboard beneath your basin, which can also be used for storage. These units can be hung at a desired height on the wall or can even be kept in a standing position by using the legs and base. These designs available for your bathroom interior design are available in a vast spectrum of sizes and finishes, varying from traditional wood to gloss white. As a solution for your small bathroom gloss white mini units are also a significant add-up.

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