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Contemporary Kitchen Designs from Mint Value Kitchens Part – 2

In the previous article, we discussed about the homogenous vibrant shades of walnut gross design and experimental style of profile honey design. In this article, we are going to reflect upon some of the unique contemporary kitchen plans presented by Mint Value Kitchens.

These days, most of the homeowners love to add that contemporary touch to their kitchen interiors and keeping this aspect in mind, Mint Value Kitchens has presented Logica Gloss Black and Logica Gloss White and Burgundy. Both these designs use lively color combinations which leave a long lasting impression in the first glance. Such kitchen plans never go boring, dull or dreary, but a little bit of alteration with these designs make them look even trendier.

The easily accessible cabinetry with glossy black finish in Logica Gloss Black design has its own charm. The cooking counter with some storage options beneath it and more of spacious cabinets below the drawers are sure to offer ease while working in the kitchen. The overall white in the kitchen beautifully reflects the glossy black and vibrant emerald tones. This even creates a wonderful ambience for enjoying flavorsome meals with loved ones and while entertaining guests at special occasions.

Similarly, in Logica Gloss White and Burgundy design, the use of fluorescent scarlet creates a center of attraction for the kitchen and make the room interior even more beautiful. You do not need to worry, as the list of enchanting designs is endless. So, opt for Mint Value Kitchens and give your kitchen a stylish and contemporary appearance.