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Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona Frau

The houses with a dimension of a few square feet face the biggest challenge and that is storage. Homeowners living in a house with a limited space need to plan their interior decor very wisely, so as to make use of the space available in the best possible way. In these cases, people cannot think of accommodating a lot of furniture, as it not only gives a cluttered look, but also blocks the foot traffic.

Just imagine a bedroom that is more than just wide to accommodate a bed or may be a chair along with. In such close dimensions, how can you plan a space to have cabinets or closets inside? Yes, now this can be a challenging task for you, but if you are really desperate, then Poltrona Frau is the solution.

Oceano Bedroom Storage Cabinet - Poltronafrau

Oceano Half Closed Bedroom Storage Cabinet - Poltronafrau

The bedroom storage cabinet from Poltrona Frau is elegantly defined as retrospective refinements that will not only provide you enough of storage space, but will also add a charisma to your interior decor. This Oceano bedroom trunk will take you back to the memorable experience of great transatlantic cruises. This unique, elegant and comfortable design will provide plenteous storage for all your necessities and will get easily accommodated in a short space.

Piu Notte Furnishing - Poltronafrau

Piu Notte Furnishing for Bedroom - Poltronafrau

The easy to slide drawers, chrome metal finish, lightly padded upholstery and a mini desk will add to your experience of using such an elegant piece of furniture in your bed room interior. So, opt for bedroom storage cabinet by Poltrona Frau and jazz up your small bedroom beautifully.