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Unusual Carpet by Tarkett – A Comfort Dispenser

Carpets have always carried a classy feel with them and no matter, whichever room they enter, they leave their elegant impressions on the people. While for some, carpets are a way to boast their fashion statements, some do not take it as a very healthy way to embellish the interiors. With these growing praises and criticism, designers have come up with carpets that not only justify their design, colours, creativeness and innovation, but also fulfil the desires of fashion craving people. And one such addition in such collections is unusual carpet by Tarkett.

As you look at it for the first time, you will be astounded by the unusual carpet idea and for some very good reason, designer calls it Karpett. It was actually thought up by creative minds at 5.5 Designers for a flooring exhibition, but the best part is that this carpet, which is basically a large roll of Tarkett flooring can be used as a bench or may be unravelled and transformed into a sleek lounging area. If you are expecting guests at home, be prepared to answer a lot many questions and who knows, some of them will be jealous too.

This Karpett allows for flexible solutions for usual living activities. Here you kids can play, you can just sit and relax or your guests can even take a nap. And if you are with one of your friends on phone, you can just lounge on it and enjoy the conversation.

Website : Tarkett