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Translucent & Illuminated Bathtubs For A Chromatic Atmosphere

There was a time, when bathtubs were solely used for the purpose of bathing and nothing else, but as the fashion statements are changing, people have shown a drastic inclination towards innovative designs. Instead of just being used inside the bath space, bathtubs have also become a fantastic way to show off your unique taste. These days, you can easily get bathtubs that are not only equipped with splendid functions and are user friendly, but are also stylish, uniquely designed and draw people’s attention in the first sight.

And illuminated bathtub by Antonio Lupi is a part of such matchless collections. If you are also keen of bringing that peppy touch to your bath space, then illuminated bathtubs can certainly be your choice. This designer is already known for his innovation and awe inspiring creations that charm people a lot. Illuminated bathtub is translucent, modern and stylish and boasts a perfectly dynamic design that can easily fit into different types of interiors. If you want a special chromatic atmosphere inside, then installing this bathtub is surely not going to disappoint you.

The best part is that this bathtub is also available in colour infused versions through built in lighting system, which makes it one and only one of its own kinds. And most importantly, it is made up of single piece of polyethylene, which makes it durable, recyclable and absolutely light weight. So, be ready to use it both indoors and outdoors.

Website : Antoniolupi