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The Armadillo Lamp by Lzf

From years earthen lamps have been the only source to alleviate home interior and a basic necessity for the people. With the fabrication of new interior design ideas for lighting, fancy lamps were introduced. In today’s scenario, the interior ideas have enthused to the amusing level for human race.

These days, for illuminating your interior decor, wood facades are used. A modification in captivating art work has been introduced by a Spanish lighting company LzF. The Armadillo Lamp is a masterpiece in itself and is well known for a fact that it is made from dozens of small wood veneer squares. It transforms the complete ambience, as if light is sprinkled in the room.

The crafts work that makes it special in its class is the usage of small wooden squares, which are well perforated and are cut in a very proportionate order. The vibes of light that this masterpiece scatters in the space can be varied by changing corm of the lamp, so people have the flexibility of going for different shades as per their mood.

Since, it has a buoyant weight, so hanging this piece of art in the living space is not a matter of worry. The artifact is a fine blend of non brittleness and handy work and it proves to be a great beauty when the tone in the backdrop is wispy. The clumsiness of the location can be impressively covered by this boon of craftsmanship.