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Shell Shaped Unique Plywood Chair With Little Nordic Style

Some people may find this amusing, but it’s true. Chairs play a very important role in our home sweet home. When we are tired, we look for a chair to relax down, when we are willing to enjoy reading a book, we look for a chair. For entertaining guests, treasuring a cup of coffee, for just relaxation, while watching kids play and even while chitchatting with friends, these chairs facilitate us a lot. And with the growing trends, designers are busy creating stuff that is absolutely unique and can create new fashion statements for selective people.

If you are also one among those who love to decorate their interiors with chairs that are absolutely stunning and draw people’s attention at the first sight, then you must check out the unique plywood chair by Branca. This is a plywood chair created by a Portuguese company that seems to flirt with a bit of Nordic style. The beautiful curves, minimalistic and friendly design just makes you fall in love with this masterpiece. It is inspired by the shape of shell and is intentionally meant to envelop you to make you feel cosy.

The natural curvature of this beautiful yet comfortable chair can be filled with pillows to make your experience even more relaxing ad comforting. The chair is made of cut and blends plywood and guarantees to stay there for you all your life.

Website : Branca Lisboa