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Natural Stone and Slate Flooring

Current trends in natural stone flooring
Natural stone flooring has long been a popular option in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to both its practical and visual appeal. While they’re easy to keep clean, don’t stain and are very durable, many homeowners choose natural stone flooring simply because they provide a stylish, classy look. However, the recent trend of adding a wet room or garden room to your house has presented an opportunity for the beauty of natural stone tiling to become even more prominent.

Wet rooms
Wet rooms have become popular for several reasons other than their stunning visual impact. They are easy to keep clean, ideal if you don’t have much space, and they can add a lot value to your home, whether as a second bathroom or as an alternative to unimpressive shower rooms. One huge advantage that wet rooms have over conventional bathrooms is that the floor under those beautiful natural stone tiles is much better protected.

Of course, it’s not only the floor that is tiled in a wet room – the walls are as well. This really provides the opportunity to design a beautiful space with complementing colors and materials, such as slate and marble. Finish the wet room with a stylish shower head  glass sink and wall-hung toilet and you’ll have created a contemporary, exceptionally stylish wet room.

Garden rooms

While many homeowners used to consider adding a conservatory to their house as an extension, more and more people are opting for a garden room. Such rooms are easier to keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter, giving them year round use. Furthermore, because the roof isn’t made of glass, materials in a garden room won’t fade because of UV sunlight.

A garden room often tries to capture the feeling of a garden with high-class garden furniture (because it isn’t affected by wind, rain or sun people can afford to invest in better furniture), and the finishing touch to this effect can be a dazzling slate floor, like those Topps Tiles has available. Once again, this added space does not only provide an immediate benefit to the homeowner, but it also increases the value of their property, making it a very worthwhile investment.