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Modern Round Glass Dining Table By Molteni

The experience of savoring delectable meals gets doubled when the atmosphere is truly inspiring and that is possible only if the home interior is as tempting as the food. There are plenty of options available in the market that can create a truly inspiring atmosphere inside and stylish furniture is first on the list. You can experiment with different interior decorating ideas and place your furniture in a flaunting way, so as to enjoy a modernized feel.

If you are a tasteful homeowner and love to have a refined ambiance in your home, then check out this modern round glass dining table by Molteni. This work of art has been designed by an Italian designer and is sure to satisfy your classy expectations. Inspired by contemporary architecture and art, this round dining table features a solid base fabricated with organic fiber and a mixture of cement. If you wish to entertain your guests and make them envious of your unique choice, then this dining table is definitely the optimum choice.

The oval glass tabletop offers a clear view of the stand out base and allows to brighten-up your modern interior with its reflective nature. If you require entertaining lot of guests at a time, then you can opt for table tops with a much bigger size like 140 or 150 cm in diameter and 200 or 130 cm in elliptical shape. So, go in for this white modern dining table with sleek finish and spice up your home interior.

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