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Modern Kitchen Designs by Arrex

Modern kitchen designs by Arrex are both contemporary and comfortable at the same time. You can go with a basic black and white color scheme which they have offered to add brightness to your space. White cabinets always accolade the latest trends and also enable you to save money by giving a compatible option for black and white checked flooring. You can choose to add appliances in black, so as to flatter the interior decor. Arrex can customize your kitchen interior with bead board on the back of kitchen cabinets that have glass doors to create an attractive display area. Bead board as your backsplash can be another good idea to cut expenses.

Marble countertops are good alternatives, which work well for baking, chopping and similar jobs. Marble works with all designs and adds an air of elegance and luxury to the kitchen decor. Another option given by designers for counters is butcher-block. Though these countertops are cheap, but they require a lot of care and upkeep in future.

If a more natural look is wished then you can opt for leaving half of the squares in a wood tone and then stain or paint the rest of diamonds black or with a darker stain than other squares. This will eliminate your kitchens floor from giving a pale look. Pairing sleek stainless steel appliances with pale pink cabinets is the next contemporary experiment by the designer. So, decorate kitchen interior the way you want and make your guests feel envy.