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Making your bedroom your sanctuary

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to escape, to relax and rest. So shouldn’t its décor reflect exactly what you wish for? When you think of making your sanctuary one has to keep certain things one has to keep in mind.

Paint Colour

Painting can completely change the look of your home and once you are going through the act of selecting what you are going to live with, it is crucial to select the best one. So, it is important to find out the best kind of paint and the best colours for the different rooms, and to design a pleasing style bedroom.

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Lighting Options

Different sources of light for different functions are important. Choose from ornate chandeliers to beautiful bedside lamps. If you are fan of the 80’s one can also opt for lava lamps. You can set a controller to adjust the level of lighting you need in the room. Either keep it at mood lighting levels or to levels of a rock concert.


Depending on your budget, one can go for tented and canopied beds to have a feeling of security, luxury and privacy. Your bed needs to be comfortable to keep you in bed for days when you just want to get away from it all. Nowadays one can find every type of furnishings; from linen to Egyptian cotton for your bedsheets and pillow covers. Get a nice headboard for yourself for those long nights of reading or just to sit and watch some television. Depending on the space add a bed bench for its sheer functionality.

For the room which is your cocoon sometimes it’s difficult to decide on the paint for the walls. The world is full of inspirational ideas. To help visualize the pain from the images one sees on the web Asian Paints have a tool called Snap It when you can get shade codes for every image. So no you can not only share your inspiration ideas but also replicate them in your home. As part of the app you have to drag and drop the red Snap It button on the left to your bookmarks toolbar to begin. Whenever you come across an image you like on the worldwide web, simply select ‘Snap It’ from your bookmarks, hover over the image, click on the Snap It button to find out the closest Asian Paints shade name and code.

By incorporating a few simple design concepts, one can make a beautiful and comforting not to mention a functional space where you can be with your thoughts and have some well-deserved “ME” time. Happy Decorating!!