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Living Room Designs by Adrienne Chinn

The modern day living rooms are no more restricted to wooden accessories, but the use of glass, metal and other fabrics are adding a new style statement. The designing and fabrics that are used for the interiors makes the home look worth admiring. The brilliant use of colors and lights make the place even more beautiful and elegant.

Living room designs by Adrienne Chinn are giving a direct competition to other interiors of living space. The simple use of vibrant colors and unique fabrics make the place a great area for relaxing and spending some good time with the family members. The use of wood can be minimized using by adding sofas that are made of foam type stuffing with simple wooden frames being covered with some great fabrics. The striped and liner type sofa covers and covering materials give an excellent appearance and do make up for the space.

A living room that is large enough to accommodate a dining table would be a good alternative when home spacing is limiting the dining room. Adding simple and classy glass dinner table with sleek metal chairs preferably of stainless steel will serve as mini dining area in the living room. Installing some art pieces like paintings would give traditional and ethnic look.

Painting the room with lighter shades like soft yellow or white and then contrasting with darker tones like red and orange color on single wall will enhance and highlight the various areas especially the dining one. So, to know more about such stylish interior options, visit the website Adrienne Chinn and get all what you want.