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Kitchen Designs from Euromobil

Kitchen Designs from Euromobil are classic and traditional, but still use clean edge lines for the contemporary crowd. If you are looking for your kitchen remodeling that is expected to last long then this brand is the solution for you. The designs ensure a perfect kitchen. If you are planning to sell your house in a few years or you just really want a space that is well themed, then this creation is both classic and classy.

It offers you a perfect way to free up the cabinet space and in return they add a certain charm and character to your kitchen design. It suggests that the inside of cabinet doors can be used to hang up everything like utensils and other miscellaneous items.

Pantry storage with units extrudes the entire array to the roof or cabinets to provide more space for seldom used items. It makes the lower cabinets more accessible with rollout shelves, lazy Susan’s, and tilt-out bins and drawers.

Their kitchen plans offer following layouts:

  • Flooring tiles are placed in a diagonal manner, in galley style and hardwood flooring runs through the length of the kitchen.
  • Special care is taken that finished cabinet is of dull steel instead of a shinier, sparkling metal. For wood cabinets, the lines are kept simple, but not plain in the modern kitchen.

Customization can be done by replacing the upper kitchen cabinets with glass. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your vintage crockery.

Website : Euromobil