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Getting a sophisticated look for your home

If you’re looking to transform your home then there are many ways to do it. People assume that it’s only the bigger things that make a difference, but the secret to a truly stylish home is consistency and flow. Here are a few tried and tested ways of updating your home, without too much stress or hassle.


The first and most obvious way to refresh your living space is the decor. A simple change of paint can be a great way to spruce up, and modernize your home. However, to get a really slick finish you need to ensure that all accessories pick out part of your main theme.

Making a great first impression

Having an entrance, and hallway that frames your home and offers a fantastic first impression is key to giving off that stylish, interior designed look that we all crave. Keep hallways airy in order to offer a greater sense of space and light.


Purchasing a new item of furniture is a great way of shifting the focal point of a room and thus giving it an overhaul. A new sofa or table, in a different style will really draw the eye and give off an alternative look to your previous choice.


Changing the layout of your room can also provide a much more modern appearance. Try to achieve a flowing living space with natural walkways between areas. This will provide both a stylish look and a practical layout that works for you.

The finer details

Making sure the little details match with your home decor is a major step for creating a fluid space that works seamlessly together, everything from light fittings to cushions and lamps need to have some common theme. The same goes for structural details like door furniture. Having door handles that blend well with the theme of your home is a great way to ensure that your decor looks polished and pristine. Companies like Ironmongery Direct offer a range of different door handles and furniture so that you can complete your look to the highest standard.

Overall you should be aiming to achieve a seamless finish and polished look in order to get the most from your home decor. Design a home that you feel happy and comfortable in and you’re halfway there. The devil is in the detail, so make sure you’ve got those little things right and the rest will just fall into place.