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Frameless Shower Doors by Maax

Bathing can be more fun with stylish interiors and designer bathroom accessories. One of the important aspects of all bathrooms is the showers which not only enhance comfort, but also add elegance to the modern interior. Numerous homeowners prefer installing over head shower designs which are in fashion since a long time, but addition of unique accessories and other fittings make these designs even popular.

Maax is a prominent brand that has come up with a unique designer frameless shower doors for your bathroom. The launch of these new frameless shower doors is an excellent example of innovativeness and creativity along with maintaining the quality factor which makes it a worthwhile option for your interior decor.

Purfect Corner Frameless Shower Doors

If you follow the contemporary trend, then these perfect and mechanic shower doors will complete your bathroom style. The frameless glass doors incorporate the shower in your bathroom and offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings, thereby enhancing your experience even more. The easy to install doors come with a 10mm thick tempered glass and sleek polished handles which complements the stainless steel or chrome bathroom fittings.

These slide open, friction free and noise free doors feature dual ball bearing system and can be installed easily at any corner without acquiring much space. The best part is that you can bring this spa experience at your home at incredibly reasonable rates. So, enjoy the pleasure of bathing with Maax frameless shower doors.