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If you want to give your home space a change and personal look, then probably the best way of doing it is to go for wall art. The great thing about it is that it can be rather easily changed out later, depending on your current inspirations and ideas, and at the same time makes a huge difference in your interior design. Original metal posters, offered by the company, are a great option for people wanting to give their home space a personality of their own choice in just a few moments.

living room displate is a manufacture specializing in producing handcrafted metal posters designed by talented artists from around the world that belong to Displate’s community. Wide range of available patterns, from traditional illustrations, paintings and collages to digital mixed media artworks, allows the customers to choose designs that fit their individual preferences and give their interior a personal touch. Displates fit perfectly well to all kinds of interiors – living rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms, and the commercial ones, like restaurants, offices or spas.

office displate

Steel used in the manufacture of the metal posters, called Displates, is thick and resistant to atmospheric conditions what guarantees durability and gives certainty that they will serve for many years. Plus, they can be hanged on the wall without any trouble – the unique mounting system with a magnet is extremely easy to use and permits any arrangement of the artworks in the interior. Depending on the mood and current ideas, Displates can be freely rearranged as they are all of the same size. As is really committed to providing the posters with the best quality, every Displate has its individual manufacture number, a signature of the Master of Production and a hologram, what makes every piece absolutely unique.

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As our home is an expression of who we actually are, it is quite natural that we wish this space to be exceptional and our own. That is why, has a perfect offer for people valuing uniqueness and individuality at a reasonable price.

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