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Designer Sofa by Boneli

If your home interior has a contemporary touch, then what efforts do you make to keep it updated with the latest trend? Well, if you think that just flamboyant shades on walls, new color palettes and accessory can make your ambiance look fashionable all the time, then you are mistaken. Your living space needs a fresh look and this is possible when you choose your furniture aptly.

These days, designers have become more cautious towards new style, fashion and elegance. This is the reason that they have started molding their creativity in a new way. The current status of the market clearly reflects the enhancement in creativeness and more of chic furniture. British furniture brand Boneli has come up with an ultra modern and absolutely tasteful sofa design, which they entitle as ‘Sofa 60 Slice’.

Beautifully combined hard outer shell and soft inner cushion not only provides comfort while relaxing, but also creates a center of attraction for the living space. Extra cushioned armrests in this design can also be used as additional backrests, which will surely enhance your experience of loosening up your body at this comfortable piece of furniture.

This impeccable ‘Sofa 60 Slice’ by Boneli creates a charm in the ambiance and complements your interior décor. If you are expecting guests at home, then this designer sofa will definitely make the environment cozy and will leave your guests with a wonderful experience. So, opt for this unique ‘Sofa 60 Slice’ without more ado and make your guests feel envy.