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Contemporary Piece of Art for your Walls

Wall panels are decorative as well as functional solutions for homes, offices and other specific rooms that not only provide insulation and sound proofing, but also add to the beauty of interiors. The growing trends have inspired the designers to come up with designs that are both stylish and durable. But the best part is that these wall panels can be customized to your personal requirements and you need not to stick to any regular size or dimension. If you are also looking for something unique, usual and perfectly stylish for your home sweet home, then just check out decorative acoustic wall panels by Anne Kyyro Quinn.

Anne Kyyro Quinn’s decorative acoustic wall panels are not just appealing to the eyes, but also to the hands, as they make a prominent impression wherever they are being installed. All the decorative panels within designer’s collection are made by hand using luxurious and natural felts and fabrics, but the most important part is that these show a flawless inclination towards contemporary pieces of art than traditional interior fabrics.

If you are willing to get it customized, then it is not a problem, as the designer works closely with clients, architects and interior designers in order to provide them with customized acoustic wall solutions for a wide range of interior settings. These wall panels are unique, peppy and work as a modern solution for the area of wall coverings.

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