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Biofireplace Tulip

With the arrival of winters, significance of fireplace in the lounge area, living room or bedroom becomes evident. Cold weather brings in a fabulous time to spend with the family members and enjoy a cozy chat along with some delectable snacks. You might also be planning to clean up your fireplace and prepare it for the new climate. But wait, before you place another log into your old fireplace, have a look at this exclusive biofireplace design.

This is a modern, innovative and organic introduction of a new bio-fireplace which features thermoformed DuPont Corian. At times, safety with regular fireplaces is not maintained properly which causes unpredictable injuries to children and other people around. However, this brand new Biofireplace Tulip with soft feminine and bold masculine touches burns clean, free of smoke and absolutely no ash, thereby diminishing the probability of injuries to some extent.

Most importantly, this exclusive master piece can spice up you interior decor and add a zing to your contemporary living room. Being powered by bioethanol, it can be placed anywhere in your house. Even if you have a small living room, this versatile fireplace will act as the center of attraction and will certainly make your guests feel envy.

You can place this masterwork in your bedroom and can create a romantic ambiance with its sleek color and beautifully burning flames, with absolutely no smoke or ash. Additionally, this lavish investment is sure to make your shopping experience worth. So, what are you waiting for?