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Bathroom Furniture Sets by Lasa Idea

With the hype in taste for trendy bathroom furniture, the designers need to be much updated with their bath design ideas. Adding to this, the leading company Lasa Idea has contributed its all new fabulous colored Flux collection of bathroom furniture. This bathroom furniture can be availed in a range of floral hues like spring green, deep red, royal purple, black, white, and even a wood finish to suit your accustomed choice. No matter, how these essentials are displayed in your bath design these rounded wall-mounted and floor cabinets, mirrors and shelves not only give an inspired feeling, but also offer huge storage options, thereby enabling you to achieve a neat and contemporary space.

Bathroom decor looks enhanced if every hinge looks spacious and free from loathsome furniture. A luxury bathroom may have door swings installed in a smart way, like a slider which saves you from unused space. If you plan to do bathroom remodeling, you need to keep in mind the floor space and keep it free, as much as possible. You can utilize the walls by using pegs for hanging apparels and corners for storage with rods like accessories.

Pedestal sink and glossy wardrobes can be added for a more enhanced look. If you choose to have a wall hung basin, then it will leave your flooring space free. Flux sets include installation of unit that works as both shower and tub and cuts the space usage. Another exciting addition can be a transparent shower curtain or transparent door which can be the best idea to create a spacious look.

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