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Bathroom Designs by Adrienne Chinn

Luxury, class and elegance are some parameters that need to be considered while redecorating bathroom. This part of home not only helps in rejuvenating, but does reflect the elegance of the interiors.

The choice of using neutral bright colors in bathroom has been into practice since a long time. The color combination of soft yellow and white shades makes the place look sunny and spacious. The basic white color sink with simple and sleek designs of tap is not just ethnic, but also gives a more sophisticated appearance. Presence of small shelves near the sink can add more space for keeping hand wash and other stuff.

Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Interior Decor

Plants are not just restricted to bedrooms and living areas, but some small sized household plant can be placed nicely in the bathroom shelves, as well. They offer a green and fresh feeling. A large sized mirror with simple design will delude the space and make it appear big. Designs by Adrienne Chinn are famous all over and are known to have a combination of colors to give a contemporary look. The range of bathroom accessories and furniture is simply amazing to add thrill while bathing.

Light Blue Bathroom Interior Design

Light Green Bathroom Interior

The look of bathroom can be improved by adding some shelves near the bathing area. Addition of glass shelves, serve dual purpose, one placing bath items like towels, botlles and soap alongside glass is an excellent reflector of light. A small bath tub with some sleek designs of showers is great. To add diminutive separation transparent bath curtains are an apt option. For more information regarding elegant bathroom designs, just follow the link Adrienne Chinn .