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Bathroom Decorating – Aluminum Shower Cabin Avec by KOS

The concept of bath remodeling bathroom decor into a lavish bath design, then here is something very special for your unique choice. Aluminum shower cabin avec by KOS.

Aluminum shower cabin avec by KOS is an unconventionally cool design proposed by an Italian company that features a sleek and practical finish. The bold yet simple structure can be easily accommodated in your lavatory. After a hectic schedule at office, you can enjoy a relaxing shower in this stylish multi function shower cabin and can wash away your drowsiness to feel fresher. Thermostatic taps, touch screen controls and a fine music system have been installed marvelously to enhance your experience while taking shower.

The two luxury features chromo-therapy and aromatherapy have been incorporated in this sleek aluminum cabin, so as to offer a rejuvenating experience to people with a rich taste. If you have always been wondering to add a sense of sophistication to your designer bathroom, then this shower cabin can be an optimum choice. In addition, this purchase is certainly going to be a luxury addition to your decor and the first glance will leave no space for second thoughts in your mind.

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